Stephen Porter

Author, Illustrator, and Education Specialist

Stephen lives in South Texas with his wife and fellow author Gayle Porter.

He laughs at his own jokes, cooks without recipes, walks around outside barefoot, and argues with his wife about how to pronounce words like gif. It’s gif if you’re wondering. He took up writing and illustration, so their children could have a better tomorrow, and maybe the day after that too.

In his spare time, Stephen makes fun of politicians and explores the ridiculousness of the world through his sillier persona, the comedic Mister Retrops.

Fiction Writing

Stephen likes writing stories that make sense of the world, inspire empathy, and show how others handled problems, so readers can tackle their own.


He believes understanding faith, history, and human nature can go a long way to helping explain not only current events but ourselves.


You'll often find Stephen with a pencil or a paintbrush in his hand and transferring the images swirling in his head to paper or canvas.

Web & Graphics

Computers have made Stephen's illustration's much easier, though he often finds himself pushing a non-existent Ctrl+Z in the real world, only to have to use an eraser or start over.


Hang around Stephen long enough, and you'll find yourself laughing out loud even if it's just because he keeps laughing at his own dumb jokes.

Education Expert

Stephen has worked for years as an assessment and curriculum specialist for K-12, Higher Education, and businesses both client-side and employee development.