Ex Magica

Cursed as a child, the heir of the Matriarchy Mallory Knenne is supposed to one day lead a world founded in magic. However, the curse has robbed her of the most important Matriarchal duty: passing magic to the next generation. Along with her friends, Alex Nelson and Caleb Aiworth, Mallory must use her wits to defend those she loves against political rivals, stop her sister from taking her place, and overcome her curse.

But when the curse proves to be contagious and all magic disappears, Mallory and her friends turn to an ancient power to save their civilization. Will their gambit succeed, or will they unleash a fiery evil that engulfs them all?

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Hardback, Paperback

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The force that has protected their city disappears overnight, and an ancient evil awakens. Will the heirs of the triad of leadership be able to save their people, or will they make everything worse?


As magic disappears, and society must discover how to use even the most basic of technology unaided once more, will hunger and desperation cloud the choices of the city leaders and make everything even worse?


Even in the midst of a city in crisis, our heroes must make a choice everyone born into resposibility must make, but will they choose love or duty?

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