Gayle Porter

Inspiring Novelist and Healthcare Quality Expert

Gayle Porter lives with her husband and two wonderful children in South Texas. She is a consultant in Heathcare Quality, but aslo loves telling stories to her kids and imagining new worlds.

She is also the founder of, a healthcare community focusing on education, quality improvement, and standards of patient care at every level of the healthcare industry. Her podcast "Quality for the Rest of Us" can be found on most major podcast aggregators.

Fiction Writing

Gayle's fictional writing often incorporates grand adventures in imaginary places, doing hard things, and the love of family.


Gayle's non-fiction focuses on telling stories about family, faith, and caring for the sick through improving healthcare quality.

Professional Work

Gayle is a healthcare professional by trade. There's nothing she wants to see more than sick people feeling better: physically and spiritually.


Her hobbies include playing and listening to music. She been known to lose all track of time playing a Bach fugue on a pipe organ in her day.


She loves to read, but she tends to skip whiny and sad books in favor of silly zoologist memoirs.


You can find weekly articles about the healthcare industry written by Gayle at

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