Quality for the Rest of Us: A Friendly Guide to Healthcare Quality Management

How I learned to be a Nurse and a Christian at the same time.

Discussion Questions included for small group study or personal growth.


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Want to be a healthcare quality professional, but you’re not entirely sure what the job entails? Or maybe you have been in the profession for years and want to pick up some new skills?

Quality for the Rest of Us is for you.

And I mean that sincerely. This isn’t one of those books that will bog you down with technical details. The goal is to make healthcare quality approachable for beginners and introduce helpful tools for seasoned professionals.

To do that, I share what I learned during my transition from bedside nursing (with almost zero comprehension of healthcare quality) into quality leadership. which has led to over a decade of experience in healthcare quality, working with more than 100 healthcare facilities to improve their processes and patient outcomes.

This book provides simple explanations and examples of the quality cycle for improvement, practical tips on data analysis, descriptions of favorite tools and resources, and an overview of abstraction and public reporting: all to build and strengthen a foundational understanding of healthcare quality.

The future of healthcare quality is full of possibility and innovation, and I invite you to join me in building your healthcare quality career.

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Quality for the Rest of Us

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