Jesus, Germs, and the Great Commission

How I learned to be a Nurse and a Christian at the same time.

Discussion Questions included for small group study or personal growth.

Hardcover and Paperback

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  • Is it possible to be a Christian and a nurse at the same time?

    When I first started out in my calling as a nurse, I thought the answer to that question was an easy “yes,” but then as I walked the long halls of the hospital, I started to have questions:

  • I had questions like
    • Is it ever okay to pray for a patient?
    • Why do I feel so awkward asking for a chaplain?
    • When death is real, does heaven have a place in the hospital?
  • Where were the answers?

    I tried to find resources written by other Christian medical professionals to help me, but all I ever heard were statements on ethics and the legal repercussions of bringing “coercive” faith to the bedside.

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